Babushka Black Auto



Crimea Ruderalis x Pakistan
Ruderalis 10%, Sativa 10%, Indica 80%
Height in the box:
50-80 cm.
55 - 60 days
Harvest of Indore: 300 - 450 gr / m2, Harvest Outdor: 35 - 110 gr from the plant

Description and characteristics

The hybrid is derived from two species: wild (Crimea Ruderalis) and Pakistan indica. Babushka Black Auto cultivar demonstrates high yield. You can collect up to 450 grams from 1 m² by indoor method. By outdoor — 110 g. The height of the bush rarely exceeds 70 cm. The flowering period is 2 months. The content of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is 19%.


Adult plants from the Babushka Black Auto cannabis seeds from Kalashnikov Seeds differ by the rich dark purple color. They also emit a lot of resin, which makes it easier to get all kinds of concentrated mixtures.


In the Babushka Black Auto marijuana seeds contains the genes of Indica, Ruderalis, Sativa. The indian component is dominant — its part is 80%. For 2 other species falls 10%.

Effect and taste

Fruits and leaves from these seeds smell of fruits, berries and earthy hashish. Also there is a taste of tea with cherry jam. Calms the brain and nervous system, completely relaxes the body.

Application in medicine

Hybrid can be used as a remedy for insomnia or an alternative to sedatives. In addition, he will remove depressive symptoms and relax the body after a hard day's work.

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