Boy Scout Cookies



Kubanskiy Ubiyza x Girl Scout Cookies
Sativa 30%, Indica 70%
Height in the box:
90-120 cm
60-65 days
Harvest of Indore: 500-600 gr / m2, Harvest Outdor: 900 - 1500 gr from the plant

Description and characteristics

This seeds — an explosive mix of varieties of Kubanskiy Ubiyza + Girl Scout Cookies. This compound allowes to raise the level of THC in the plant to 25%. For 2 months the bush grows to a height of 120 cm and brings about 1.5 kg of crop in the open field. In the box you can collect about 0.5 kg.


Boy Scout Cookies cultivar by Kalashnikov Seeds is suitable even for beginners who do not care about plants. They are distinguished by small cones of silver-white color fully covered with trichomes.


Indica dominates in Boy Scout Cookies cannabis seeds — 70%. The remaining 30% is Sativa. Hybrid was conceived as an unobtrusive sedative to improve appetite.

Effect and taste

The pronounced taste of condensed milk and boy scout’s biscuits. Therefore, such a name. The effect is nice and long lasting. Suitable for relaxing and creative atmosphere.

Application in medicine

Boy Scout Cookies marijuana seeds are used as a cure for insomnia or a sedative. Can be used to improve appetite and normalize digestion.

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