Kalashnikov Seeds is the most famous and popular Russian seedbank, appeared on the cannabis horizon in the spring of 2012.  Old school growers with a military past came together after ten years of intensive breeding. In fact, breeding have been carried out since 2002 with greenhouses functioning in different regions from North to South.

Today Kalashnikov seеds is widely available in Russia and Ukraine and conquering of the European market is in full swing. The huge number of rumors spilled over the cannabis growforums expresses the popularity of the bank among Russian growers.  The most original rumor was a legend about the Kalashnikov assault rifle creator’s children, who decided to save family’s karma, founding a purely peaceful seedbank opposite their father's deadly offspring.

The idea of Kalashnikov Seeds lies in the study of the genetics of the AK-47 (Serious Seeds) strain family, which won incredible popularity among the growers in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and it must be said that this idea turned out to be one of the most interesting solutions in modern breeding. So creators of Russian seedsbank put the basis of all varieties from the AK-47, crossed with other particular varieties. In total, there are eight feminized, seven autoflowering and five express varieties. Express strains that have become a huge hit, comes to maturity two or three weeks before the feminized seeds and allow harvesting long before police force teams start ambushes on the roads, and the transport police posts display excessive vigilance.

Unlike other banks, Kalashnikov Seeds has a professional approach to manufacturing and perfecting packaging design. Automatic machineguns, burlap, traces of bullets and other elements of "war" can be seen in the design of packaging, advertising materials, posters and online publications. A separate mention deserves thoughtful packaging - a small square box that cannot be opened without damaging its integrity. This is an obvious benchmark for guaranteeing Kalashnikov's quality, which greatly increases the credibility of this brand. Each pack contains an insert-catalog with a description of all varieties and is sealed with a company sticker indicating the number of seeds. Seeds are contained in plastic capsules with reliable and environmentally friendly filler, which protects against moisture, mechanical influences and temperature changes.

It is especially worth noting presentation of mix packs. Each brand is marked with a separate label, which indicates an attentive and thoughtful approach. Such luxury as individual packing of 5-7 varieties in one pack only Green House could afford previously, and it is gratifying when the domestic bank is equal to such flagships of business.

Selection of Kalashnikov genetics included working with varieties of Cannabis Ruderalis growing in the northern latitude, which allowed the breeders of Kalashnikov Seeds to create varieties of cannabis adapted to the cool Russian climate and suitable for outdoor growing in its conditions. All plants have a strong root system and the ability to rapidly build up green mass, even in areas with a short summer period.

All this makes Kalashnikov Seeds a serious player on cannabis market. Despite the novelty, Kalashnikov Seeds deserves the indisputable attention of growers in the cool regions, who want to try outdoor growing in a new different way.