Moscow Blueberry Auto



Moscow Blueberry x Ruderalis
Ruderalis 10%, Sativa 20%, Indica 70%
Height in the box:
60-90 cm
60-65 days
Harvest of Indore: 250-400 gr / m2, Harvest Outdor: 35-100 gr from the plant

Description and characteristics

The autoflowering ability of this seeds was acquired by wild hemp (Cannabis ruderalis), intersected with feminized Moscow Blueberry. It contains less cannabidiol (CBD) and more Cannabis indica. Demonstrates good productivity on the open ground — up to 100 g from 1 bush. And at home (indoor) you can get up to 400 g from 1 m². Plant blooms for 2 months and grows to a maximum of 90 cm. Contains 18% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


Moscow Blueberry Auto sort by Kalashnikov Seeds suitable for beginner grovers. It shows yields above the average even with minimal care. This is a notable advantage if there is no experience in crop production.


Moscow Blueberry Auto cannabis seeds consist of ordinary (20%), wild (10%) and indian (70%) cannabis.

Effect and taste

Bushes of Moscow Blueberry Auto marijuana seeds have soft cherry flavor with notes of forest berries and citrus. Relieves the symptoms of fatigue and gives rest to the body and mind.

Application in medicine

Due to its effect it can be used for the prevention and treatment of stress, depression, and muscle pain. Relaxes and reloads the nervous system.

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