Northern Russian Auto



Northern Lights х White Russian x Russian Ruderalis
Ruderalis 10%, Sativa 20%, Indica 70%
Height in the box:
60-80 cm
55-60 days
Harvest of Indore: 250-400 gr / m2, Harvest Outdor: 30-90 gr with a plant

Description and characteristics

Northern Russian Auto cultivar was created from three hybrids: White Russian, Northern Lights and Russian Ruderalis (wild russian hemp). The concentration of tetrohydrocannabinol (THC) is 19% (4% lower than in feminized White Russian). The plant blooms for 2 months and grows to an average of 70 cm. Indoor plants can brings 500 g of crop from 1 m² of ground. 1 outdoor bush gives up to 90 g.


Northern Russian Auto cannabis seeds are unpretentious to the growing environment. They coping excess of moisture and various fungal diseases without any problems. Therefore, this hybrid is suitable for inexperienced growers, who don’t know all the features of crop production.


In Northern Russian Auto marijuana seeds prevails Indica (cannabis indica) gene. Its part is 70%. Another 10% and 20% fall on the wild (Cannabis ruderalis) and normal (Cannabis sativa) hemps, respectively.

Effect and taste

Shrubs from this cultivar seeds smells like eucalyptus and citrus with sweet notes. They act on organism as a sedative and antidepressant.

Application in medicine

Helps recover after emotional upheavals, heavy mental and physical labor, stimulates creative activity.

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