Purple Mazar Auto



Purple x Mazar x Ruderalis
Ruderalis 10%, Sativa 5%, Indica 85%
18%, CBD 1.4%
Height in the box:
50 - 90 cm
55 - 60 days
Harvest of Indore: 350 - 450 gr / m2, Harvest Outdor: 35 - 130 g from the plant

Description and characteristics

Purple Mazar Auto cultivar is a mixture of three different plants: Mazar, Ruderalis (cannabis) and Purple. The concentration of TGC is 18%, CBD — 1.4%. The bushes grows to 60-70 cm. The maximum height is 90 cm. Yield will be up to 450 g/m² in closed ground. And in open ground you can collect up to 130 g from one bush. Flowering lasts up to 2 months.


Purple Mazar Auto cannabis seeds by Kalashnikov Seeds produces plants with brightly violet central fruits. Purple color in combination with green foliage distinguishes these bushes among other species. Its flowers turn black after drying.


Seeds were obtained as a result of selection of three varieties: Mazar, Ruderalis and Purple. In this case, Indian hemp (Indica) prevails in the plant. Its concenration is 85%. Cannabis ruderalis and cannabis sativa account — 10% and 5% respectively.

Effect and taste

Purple Mazar Auto marijuana seeds will be appreciated by those who like the smell of pine and forest berries. Relaxes the muscles and soothes the nervous system.

Application in medicine

It can be used as a sedative for medical purposes, due to the peculiarities of its effect.

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